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Company's Initiatives

  • Paid Parental Leave

    Paid Parental Leave

  • Return to Work Policy

    Return to Work Policy

  • Childcare Facilities

    Childcare Facilities

  • Flexible Working Arrangements

    Flexible Working Arrangements

  • Mentorship Program

    Mentorship Program

  • Breastfeeding Rooms

    Breastfeeding Rooms

  • Sponsorship Program

    Sponsorship Program

  • Leadership Development Program

    Leadership Development Program

  • Coaching Program

    Coaching Program

  • Raise Numbers Of Women In Leadership

    Raise Numbers Of Women In Leadership

  • Internal Women's Networking Group

    Internal Women's Networking Group

  • Equal Pay Initiatives

    Equal Pay Initiatives

Our Committment On Gender Diversity Started from Over 100 Years Ago.

  • 1899 - First Women Hired.

  • 1935 - Thomas Watson Promises Women Equal Pay For Equal Work.

  • 1943 - At 27, Ruth M. Leach Is Hired As First Woman Vice-President.

  • 1954 - IBM's First Equal Opportunity Letter, 10+ Years Before The Civil Right Act.

  • 1984 - Non-discrimination On The Basis Of Sexual Orentation.

  • 2012 - Ginni Rometty Appointed As First Woman CEO.

A Long and Deep Rooted Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

IBM has more than 100 years of work on diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace. That legacy, and our continued commitment to advance equity in a global society, has made us leaders in diversity and inclusion. 

Creating More Opportunities for Women.

IBM places the advancement and retention of women with leadership potential as a key business priority. The participation of women on senior teams has been found to be positively associated with company performance. Therefore, this imperative is built into all talent strategies, and we offer many programs designed to help individual women advance.

As a technology company, we prioritize women in technical leadership roles and develop many programs to advance women in those roles. The “Technical Women’s Pipeline Program” aligns mid-career women with an executive coach and sponsor, offers face-to-face workshops and learning labs, and creates a development roadmap to track progress and readiness for the next milestone in their career path.

You Can't Be What You Can't See #inclusiveIBM.

Attracting, retaining and developing female talent across the world is not only essential to IBM’s company culture, it’s a business imperative. From 1899, when we hired our first women employees to today, with our first female CEO, IBM’s commitment to celebrating the talent of women has been at the forefront of our business and a key driver of our success. 

At IBM, we recognize that women play a critical role in our global economy and that they must be present in the industry that drives innovation in all sectors.


Every IBMer, and potential ones like yourself, has a voice, carves their own path, and uses their expertise to help co-create and add to our story. Together, we have the power to make meaningful change – to alter the fabric of our clients, of society and IBM itself, to create a truly positive impact and make the world work better for everyone. 

Life At IBM.

Are you craving to learn more? Prepared to solve some of the world’s most unique challenges? And ready to shape the future for millions of people? 

If so, then it’s time to join us, express your individuality, unleash your curiosity and discover new possibilities. 

It’s time to define your career.

Employees Testimonials

  • Atoms/Icons/Quote/03@1x Neeta Naik
    ​When my kid turned 3 and a half I started looking for opportunities to re-start my career. However, I faced multiple rejections at interviews due to the break in my career. Around this time, IBM had launched the Tech Re-entry program and I was selected to join the program. The orientation program, conversation cafes, meetings with senior women professionals and weekly meetings with the program HR partners during the 3-month internship period boosted my confidence. My team mates and managers were very co-operative and I felt everyone wanted me to succeed in my endeavor to re-start my career. At the end of the internship I was offered a regular role at IBM which I believe signified my successful re-integration in the workforce.
    Neeta Naik,

    Software Engineer, IBM Security

  • Atoms/Icons/Quote/03@1x Supatsara Rodratsa
    ​“Even as a newcomer you can still share expertise, ideas and create connections around the world. Whatever your level of expertise, at IBM all ideas are listened to as you become part of a global network of experts.” 
    Supatsara Rodratsa, IBM

    Associates Developer, Thailand

  • Atoms/Icons/Quote/03@1x Jie Chen
    ​"I have proudly worked for IBM for 20+ years. But, I'm still not bored as IBM is constantly evolving and there are just endless things to explore and so many IBMers to learn from. It sounds cliche, but it's true! I've worked across Finance, Pricing, Workforce Management, and Operations before finding myself joining the IBM Garage team. My role involves developing and executing growth strategies. IBM Garage is a human-centered approach to solving client business problems and enables enterprises to accelerate, breakthrough, and work more like startups. To me, the most exciting part is its new ways of working: IBMers and clients co-create and work smarter, and as a result, the business value is realized much faster. IBM Garage is THE way to help our clients journey towards digital transformation and that's why I thoroughly enjoy my job!"
    Jie Chen, IBM

    IBM APAC Garage Growth Leader, Singapore

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