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Debunking Myths in IT & Consulting

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29 September 2022 17:00 - 18:00 Online

Are you currently or thinking about working in IT or Consulting industries? You must have heard some rumours about these fields. In this session, we will have women leaders from IBM who have been in the field for quite a long time to debunk those rumours and misconceptions, also they will explain their jobs and experiences, how they built their career path in IT & Consulting industries.  

Come join the event to learn the global trend of IT and Consulting industries and how women can play key roles in this field. 

Join us on September 29th for a chat with women leaders from IBM ASEANZK; 

  • Jeraldyn Lagman (SAP Project Manager) 

  • Charu Mahajan (Partner - ASEAN Garage & Ventures Leader, Sector Leader – Distribution) 

  • Carissa Hughes (AWS Alliance Lead A/NZ) 

What to expect

  • Debunk rumours/misconceptions of IT & Consulting industries 

  • Discussion around the change to IT & Consulting industries 

  • Career journey sharing and career advice 

  • What other skills can you bring into the field 

Date: Thursday 29th September  

Time: 5:00pm-6:00pm SGT 


  • 8-10 mins: Introduction of HTS, IBM, panelists 

  • 30-40 mins: Fireside chat with panelists 

  • 10-15 mins: Q&A session with live audience 

​This event is now concluded.


Conversation Leaders

  • Jeraldyn Lagman

    SAP Project Manager

  • Charu Mahajan

    Partner - ASEAN Garage & Ventures Leader, Sector Leader – Distribution

  • Carissa Hughes

    AWS Alliance Lead A/NZ

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