Senior Machine Learning Engineer - Azure Cloud

Posted 19 January 2023
Job type Permanent
DisciplineSoftware Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering

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Job Description

What you will do:

• Designing, building and supporting machine learning data architectures including the design 

& set-up of scalable (big) data lakes (full cloud or hybrid cloud), scheduled transformations & 

data governance

• Configuring and using IaaS services (like VM, networking, storage).

• Configuring and using IaaC services (like Terraform)

• Configuring and using PaaS services (like WebApp, Database services, Kubernetes, Data Lake, 

Databricks etc.).

• Working hand-in-hand with the data scientist deploying machine learning as scalable API 

services in a perfect fit with the data architecture

• Build automated processes using well-known languages and frameworks such as PowerShell, 

CLI, python, YML, JSON, Puppet, Jenkins pipe-line, Terraform, Azure Templates, Cloud 


• Deliver impact in a fast-paced, data-driven, and high-growth business, bringing innovative 

ideas using robust analysis, models, and insights, and in an Agile environment.

• Assisting the Data Science project team in deploying cloud services in accordance to project 

tshirt sizes

• Work (standalone or in team) with data scientists and have a responsibility on managing 

project timeline, status meetings and deliverables to getting the job done

• Architect, develop and deploy (both hybrid cloud & full cloud) cloud architectures in 

Microsoft Azure

• Monitor and automate resource utilization, scaling up and down of resources in cloud

• Leverage Azure Cloud technology in building scalable and best-practice set-ups

• Work with external vendors and partner technologies including (but not limited to) Azure

What you will bring to the team:

• University degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or Statistics, or equivalent 

technical education

• Proficient in Agile practices (Kanban boards, Sprints, Daily Huddles)

• Experience with setup of Disaster Recovery and High Availability

• Outstanding understanding of application, server, and network security and compliance 


• Working knowledge on Cloud VM and Server technologies (Azure, AWS, Google), including 

management of services across a hybrid-cloud environment, Docker Containers, Terraform

• Expertise in CI/CD automation pipeline. Knowledge of CP/CT is an added advantage

• Enthusiasm to be part of a growing team & industry

• Experience in capacity monitoring and trend analysis

• Excellent communication skills, preferably in English language

• Azure certifications and Programming skills (Python, Java, Javascript) is a plus

• Minimum of 3 years of experience as a data/database engineer in a professional setting


Role:Provide a flexible and reliable automated cloud support for resource users and sustainable 

adoption of cloud across Petronas Digital, especially Petronas Data Science team. Work closely with 

Petronas' Enterprise Data and Data Science Department to ensure the flow of data is uninterrupted.

Tech stack:CI/CD, Git, Data Structures and Algorithms, System Design (HLD and LLD), Cloud 

Services, MLOps, Linux, Virtual Machines, Serverless Architecture, Containerization Technology