Regulatory Analyst

Posted 24 November 2023
Job type Permanent

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Job Description

Regulatory Analyst

Equinix is the world’s digital infrastructure company, operating 240+ data centers across the globe and providing interconnections to all the key clouds and networks. Businesses need one place to simplify and bring together fragmented, complex infrastructure that spans private and public cloud environments. Our global platform allows customers to place infrastructure wherever they need it and connect it to everything they need to succeed.

We are a fast-growing global company with 20 years of continuous growth. Through our innovative portfolio of high-performance products and services, we have created the largest, most active global ecosystem of 10,000+ companies, including 2,100 networks and 3,000+ cloud and IT service providers in 32 countries spanning six continents.

A career at Equinix means you will collaborate on work that impacts the world and be surrounded by endless opportunities to learn new skills and grow in varied directions. We embrace diversity in thought and contribution and are committed to providing an equitable work environment. that is foundational to our core values as a company and is vital to our success.

Job Summary

The position of an Analyst to the Global Regulatory, Public Policy, Privacy & Compliance team (GRPC) will be responsible for developing and implementing legal tools, processes, systems, documents and workflows to improve efficiencies and effectiveness for the regulatory, public policy, privacy and compliance offices and supporting the implementation and enforcement of regulatory compliance within the company. You will be supporting the business on these matters in alignment with corporate and strategic objectives, in a manner that supports the business objectives.


  • Analyze and assess current legal processes, systems , documentations and workflows to identify opportunities for improvement

  • Develop and implement new tools and processes that enhance the delivery of legal services within the company.

  • Work with GRPC team members to roll out regulatory and corporate compliance requirements

  • Research, analyze, identify and report on emerging areas of laws, regulations and policies and areas of risk within Equinix that do not align with current laws, regulations and/or policies

  • Support regulatory audits and reporting requirements through the management and tracking of current licensing and regulatory statuses.

  • To act as the first line of support to handle general queries for information on existing regulatory permits, approvals and/or licenses held by the company

  • Collect and analyze relevant data from department tools and industry sources to ensure that internal regulatory and risk registers are up to date

  • Create reports and dashboards that provide insights into the GRPC team

  • Develop and deliver training materials on behalf of the GRPC team

  • Participate in cross-functional initiatives to ensure that the GRPC legal operations team is integrated with other business functions

  • Manage all records related to the use of the GRPC budget and third-party engagements


  • Proven experience in legal operations, project management, or working on regulatory compliance matters

  • Experience of managing and owning the operation of legal tech platforms and applications

  • Experience with working in a global company is desirable

  • Strong interpersonal skills with an open and trusting personality

  • Strong English language skills, both verbal and written

  • Developed decision making skills

  • Commitment to high standards for work product and deliverables

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment and multi-task effectively to manage competing priorities