Data Center Customer Operations III

Posted 22 September 2023
Job type Full-Time

Company's Benefits

  • Leadership Development Program

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  • Mentorship Program

    Mentorship Program

  • Paid Parental Leave

    Paid Parental Leave

  • Return to Work Policy

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Job Description

​Data Center Customer Operations III

About Equinix

Equinix, a global digital infrastructure company, operates more than 200 data centers worldwide and provides interconnection services to all major clouds and networks. Many companies have a decentralized and complex IT infrastructure in private and public cloud environments and need a single place to aggregate and consolidate it. Equinix's global platform enables customers to deploy infrastructure wherever they need it and connect to everything they need to succeed in their business.

Equinix is a global company with continuous rapid growth for more than 70 quarters. Equinix's innovative portfolio of high-performance products and services creates one of the largest and most active global ecosystems of nearly 5,26 companies, including more than 1,800 network providers and more than 2,900 cloud and IT service providers, in 10 countries on five continents.

By joining Equinix, you will be at the forefront of managing the operations of business-critical facilities and be part of an elite operations team that provides the best service to our customers. In addition, Equinix promotes diversity, values diverse ideas and contributions, and strives to create a fair work environment. We believe that this is the foundation of our core values and an essential element for the success of our corporate activities.

【Data Center Customer Operations Engineer】※ IT inexperienced people are welcome / You can make use of English! !! ※

It is a job that you can learn while doing basic IT work.

More than 8% of those who joined the company have no IT experience, but they are active!

Career advancement is also possible depending on yourself!

I use English on a daily basis, so if you want to improve your English skills,

If you already have English proficiency, you can work smoothly.

【Job Description】
At the data center, you will mainly be involved in the following tasks.
■ Agency work in the data center based on the customer's request (transportation and loading of equipment, cabling, visual confirmation, etc.)
■ Network wiring work
■ Response when the customer enters the data center
■ Administrative work such as document preparation, etc.

Note: This is not a job using information processing or software.

The main work is physical network and infrastructure work.


■Communication skills inside and outside the company in Japanese

Those who have obtained the Japanese Proficiency Test "JLPT" N1 or can Japanese equivalently
■Experience using English in business

■ At least

1 year of working experience [preferential treatment / welcome conditions]
■ Those who have experience in operation work at a support center
■ Those who have experience in sales and customer service and want to change their career to IT

■Business experience in the IT industry (help desk, infrastructure operation, etc.)
■IT passport holder
■On-site work experience at a data center

【Work location】
Tokyo: In-house data center in Tokyo

【Working hours】Shift work/16 days a month 1.8

【Holiday leave】 Shift work
■Annual paid leave (up to 12 days in the first year)
■Sick leave

■Bereavement leave

■Maternity leave, childcare leave,
etc. 【Salary】 We will decide after consultation in consideration of the annual income and experience of the previous job.

【Compensation and Benefits】
■Salary revision once a year
■Bonuses once a year
■Employee share discount purchase system

■Various social insurance (employment, worker's compensation, health insurance, welfare pension)

■Qualification acquisition support system
■Authorized Club Activity Support System
■Mental Health Counseling

■Congratulatory and condolence money (wedding gifts, birth gifts, condolence money, etc.)

■Late-night shift allowance , etc.


■ For foreign nationals, those with a work restriction visa must use "Technical, Humanities, and International Services"

Those who already have it are eligible.

■If you are eligible to apply, please attach your Japanese resume and work history.

* Employment will be "Equinix Japan Enterprise Corporation".