Assistant Manager, Data Center Critical Facilities

Posted 22 September 2023
Job type Permanent

Company's Benefits

  • Flexible Working Arrangements

    Flexible Working Arrangements

  • Equal Pay Initiatives

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  • Mentorship Program

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  • Leadership Development Program

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  • Raise Numbers Of Women In Leadership

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Job Description

Assistant Manager, Data Center Critical Facilities

Equinix is the world’s digital infrastructure company, operating 240+ data centers across the globe and providing interconnections to all the key clouds and networks. Businesses need one place to simplify and bring together fragmented, complex infrastructure that spans private and public cloud environments. Our global platform allows customers to place infrastructure wherever they need it and connect it to everything they need to succeed.

We are a fast-growing global company with 20 years of continuous growth. Through our innovative portfolio of high-performance products and services, we have created the largest, most active global ecosystem of 10,000+ companies, including 2,100 networks and 3,000+ cloud and IT service providers in 32 countries spanning six continents.

Joining our operations team means that you will be at the forefront of all we do, maintaining critical facilities infrastructure as part of a close-knit team delivering best-in-class service to our data center customers. We embrace diversity in thought and contribution and are committed to providing an equitable work environment. that is foundational to our core values as a company and is vital to our success.

Job Summary

The Assistant Manager will lead, encourage, and develop the team at SY9 around them. Acting as guide to unit or sub-units and will become actively involved, as the need arises, to meet schedules and SLA's.

Previous data center experience, and leadership roles will be a requirement of the position – and we are ideally looking for someone with strong technical and people management experience. Building on and developing a collaborative and impactful culture will key to success, and doing so whilst being responsible for all aspects of performance management will be one of many exciting and challenges at our Hyper-Scale Data Center.

Key Responsibilities


  • Provides direct supervision to professional individual contributors and/or skilled, support individual contributors.

  • Ensures the team is carrying out responsibilities in a timely manner and projects are progressing, as encouraged.

  • Manages personnel details including salaries, positioning, hire/fire, reviews, mentor and development.

  • Assists with testing and coordinating projects and maintenance.

  • All aspects of performance management

Project / Infrastructure Site Management:

  • Plans, coordinates, budgets, shift rostering and implements resources to complete projects and maintenance within the data centers. Develops and manages routine operational plans. Meets targets typically against a monthly plan.

  • Provides input and guidance towards budget as well as overall site capacity supervision.

Vendor Management:

  • Oversees contractor work and operations to ensure completion to Equinix's required standards.

  • Supports procurement, scope responsibility for maintenance and minor works along with our Critical Facilities teams.

Incident Management:

  • Communicates and coordinates activities and on-site staff during an incident, escalating where necessary.

Qualifications + Experience:

  • Minimum of 5 years of related experience within a Data Center environment

  • Proven experience in leadership role developing teams around you.

Benefits of the role:

  • Salary package including shares, health allowance, annual bonus and pay reviews.

  • Lead an enthusiastic and committed team at an exciting time at SY9.

  • Work with strong local and regional leaders and access to supportive Australian Leadership Team

  • Join (and improve) an incredible company culture of dedication, collaboration, wellness and wellbeing.