Analyst Programmer (Back-End Developer)

Posted 11 January 2023
Job type Permanent
DisciplineSoftware Engineering

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Job Description

Job Description

We are seeking a junior Analyst Programmer (Back-End Developer) to join a governmental project.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for fixing prioritised Incident Reports (IR) assigned by Team Lead

  • Analyse and ensure assigned are valid defects

  • Discuss IR fixes with team members from different teams to assess impact of any changes

  • Coordinate any cross-team effort required for any integration defects

  • Ensure delivery in timeframe given

  • Escalate any issues to Team Lead

  • Support Group and Team Lead in achieving their IRIN application support objectives

  • Provide production support to modules or processes to ensure day to day activities have minimum down time

  • Additional tasks assigned by management

Job Requirements:

  • Familiar with Batch & online application design concepts, and should have experience in handing large volume of data

  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in maintaining a system with the below relevant skill sets;

  • Core Processing (CP):(a) Microsoft .NET version 4.5 and above (b) C# and VB.net programming (c) BizTalk (d) TIBCO (e) Message Broker (f) IBM DB2 Mainframe (g) Microsoft SQL Server (h) FairIsaac Blaze Advisor (i) Dollar Universe (j) Java Programming (k) Adobe (l) Ascential Datastage (m) COGNOS 

  • Taxpayer Relationship Management (TRM):

    (a) Siebel (b) TIBCO (c) BizTalk (d) Microsoft SQL Server (e) IBM DB2 Mainframe 

  • External Services (XS):

    (a) Microsoft .NET (b) C# programming (c) ASP and ASP.net programming (d) TIBCO (e) BizTalk (f) IBM DB2 Mainframe (g) Microsoft SQL Server (h) Java Programming (i) I-Sprint UAM 

  • Workflow and Imaging (WI):

    (a) FileNet (b) IBM DB2 Mainframe (c) Microsoft SQL Server (d) C# and VB.net programming (e) EFlow (f) Centera

  • Enterprise Reporting (ER):

    (a) Cognos (b) Ascential DataStage (c) IBM DB2 Mainframe (d) Microsoft SQL Server (e) Crystal Report 

  • Employee and Knowledge Portal (iNex):

    (a) Sharepoint (b) Microsoft SQL Server (c) C# and VB.net programming 

  • Integrated Stamp Duty System (ISDS):

    (a) Microsoft .NET version 3.5 and above (b) C# programming (c) Microsoft SQL Server (d) Crystal Report (e) Ascential Datastage (f) Dollar Universe 

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