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Tips For Getting Hired During COVID-19


The global pandemic COVID-19 has changed everything, we are now all staying at home, working from home and social distancing. The crisis is having a major impact on the job market and for those looking for work it’s a tough time.

Our CEO and Founder Sabrina Ho discussed with Chris Mead Head of Talent Acquisition APAC at DuPont on the tips for getting hired during Covid-19. It was a very insightful and engaging Webinar where we learnt how to best job search, prepare the best CV and create a rock star Linkedin profile.

Here's Chris advice:

  • Start by doing the basics – take time to prepare your CV.
  • Be Adaptable during this time.
  • Build your resilience – these difficult times will make us stronger
  • Develop a strong “Rock Star” LinkedIn profile – it’s essential to getting hired!
  • During interviews – always be honest don’t feel ashamed if you have been made retrenched – being retrenched is very common.
  • Hiring Managers are focused on hiring candidates based on general ability, attitude and potential for growth. Make sure on your CV and in an Interview that you promote your strengths in these areas.
  • Become technically adapt
  • Remote working is here to stay, job interviews will change – practice, practice your video interviews, take good care of your technology.
  • Although tough times companies are still hiring stay positive.
  • Take this time to figure out what your passionate about as you choose your next career step

I hope these tips are useful and please take a look at the video you’ll find some really great tips that Chris expanded upon. Thanks to all those who attended from Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines your participation made it a great success.

If you have more questions you can reach out to us or comment below.

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