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How Diversity & Inclusion drives greater employee engagement

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How Diversity & Inclusion drives greater employee engagement

Retaining talent is always a challenging task for Organisations and HR professionals. The best way to keep your best and brightest is by knowing what struggles they are facing at work.

Professional networking site LinkedIn recently polled more than 1,000 professional adults across the U.S. to help employers dig out the causes of the disillusionment.

The top 10 struggles employees are facing at work are:
1. Finding a work-life balance (38%)
2. Managing workloads (31%)
3. Dealing with coworkers (26%)
4. Workplace politics (25%)
5. Dealing with managers (23%)
6. Growing their careers (22%)
7. Being passionate about what they do (19%)
8. Not having somebody to turn to for help (16%)
9. Equal pay and negotiating salaries (15%)
10. Answering all of their emails (13%)

People spend nearly one third of their adult lives at work, and workplace issues are a common source of stress for many. These struggles may lead to employees seeking pastures new, but let’s be honest, it is impossible to have a workplace where everyone's roles, expectations, and personalities work perfectly together, without conflict.

Let’s face it, there is bound be disgruntlements in the workplace, however its crucial to eliminate certain workplace issues that may cause negative outcomes on employees as losing your best talents costs organisations time, money and lost productivity. Worst of all it leads to further disengagement of employees when a liked teammate leaves.

A culture of Diversity and Inclusion leads to higher employee retention:

Recent research conducted by Mckinsey, has shown that diverse organisations are, on average, more profitable, foster a greater sense of belonging and create an environment for innovation at all levels.

This is likely because employees who feel that they’re valued, respected and appreciated for who they are – no matter what their gender, age, or ethnic background – are happier. Happy staff is more productive and less likely to leave prematurely.

When it all boils down, companies that view Diversity & Inclusion as a business imperative are more likely to succeed in engaging and retaining their employees this is a strategic advantage over their competition. There is ample research that can more than validate the fact that employee engagement drives profits, and that a culture of diversity and inclusion drives engagement.

Today, prospective employees are seeking businesses that value diverse and inclusive workplaces, and are more likely to stick around when they feel appreciated by successful organizations. The advantages of workplace diversity – a more positive company culture, an increase in profitability, and an atmosphere of inclusivity – are just a few of the many benefits of creating a diverse working environment, helping to attract and retain employees.

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