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Managing Stress And Anxiety During COVID-19

​The past six months have been chaotic, uncertain, and stressful. Our lives have changed in ways we never anticipated. And this global pandemic has undeniably taken a destructive toll on our mental, emotional and interpersonal well-being, with some of us being unable to cope with the intense myriad of emotions we have been experiencing, especially as many of us have to work from home and balance multiple roles and identities in this new normal. 

What many of us don’t realise however is that there is an actual science behind emotions, and in uncovering why we feel the way that we do, we will be able to find effective ways to better manage our emotions in the midst of such volatility.

In this workshop, Sunita Pong, a Behavioural Scientist and Social Psychologist, as well as a certified deception detection analyst who specialises in Emotional Intelligence covered:  

  • What are the 7 universal emotions & why you can’t control (but can manage) them  

  • Understanding the destructive emotions in Covid Times  

  • How these emotions map onto the 5 Stage Grieving Process that we are all experiencing during this pandemic   

  • How to build the muscle of emotional resilience & mindfulness  

  • Creating healthy boundaries during #WFH with assertive communication