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half the sky Exclusive Interview: Duncan Hewett

half the sky was in attendance at thePeople Matters TechHR conferencein Singapore where we had the opportunity and privilege of interviewingDuncan Hewlettthe Senior Vice President and General Manager forVMwarebusiness in Asia Pacific & Japan. Duncan is responsible for VMware’s sales, business strategy and services across the region. 

In this exclusive interview Duncan shared with us his insights on the challenges in attracting female talent into STEM related jobs and retaining and developing them throughout the organisation and wider tech industry as a whole. It was also apparent that Duncan is a leader who practices what he preaches as he shared with us the back to work policy TERRA that his team initiated that helps women return back to work.

We also got to hear the thoughts of Duncan on the need for good leadership in tackling the perennial problem of a lack of gender diversity in the workforce and he shared with us the benefits in developing a diverse workforce. Duncan also shared with us the importance of lifelong learning in an ever-changing global economy. The interview certainly produced some great gems of wisdom!

Enjoy our interview with Duncan — we know you’ll be inspired!