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Financial Strategies For Navigating Uncertain Times

​During this period of heightened volatility, it is natural for anybody to feel a sense of unease and insecurity. COVID-19’s unpredictability and its economic impact may be unsettling, however with appropriate information and guidance, there are many ways we can overcome and counteract the current threat. 

In this workshop, Batya Shulman, ex-CFO at Commonwealth Bank and currently a Partner at St. James’s Place Wealth Management covered: 

  • Dealing with uncertainty and learning a lesson from the US Military. 

  • What could I have done financially to prepare for COVID-19?  

  • What are the 5 most important investment rules to follow?  

  • If I have investments in place what shall I do?  

  • Is it the right time to invest now or when is the best time to invest?  

  • Common mistakes people make when investing and how to avoid?