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Automation, Innovation And Technology In Business - How Do Women Stay Ahead Of The Curve?

Technology and innovation have become the key disrupter in all business and conflict resolution. How do women in business and dispute resolution navigate these challenging times and emerge as thought leaders? How do women access opportunities?

Join an expert panel of women in high profile roles wearing multi-disciplinary hats and working business skills tell us their experiences, learnings, and pass along valuable tips that are relevant to all of us? Areas of problem-solving in the business and legal industry require the ability to automate, innovate identify, magnify, and use reasoning skills to apply the relevant law to the facts at hand.

This isn’t an art but a skill to be acquired with practice and with a focus on key individual elements.

Let’s talk about, growth agenda, growth mindset, and a relationship approach that connects people with a strategy that works with problem-solving techniques!


  1. Sandra Jeskie, Partner - IT / Telecom Group, Duane Morris LLP

  2. Sabina Sudan, Professor ,Nanyang Technological University

  3. Sabrina Ho, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Half The Sky

  4. Mel Nirmala, Executive Director, Singapore Corporate Counsel Association


  1. Singapore Corporate Counsel Association

  2. International Centre for Dispute Resolution ®

  3. American Arbitration Association ®