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Audrey Kuah - Women in Leadership Interview Series

​As part ofInternational Women's Day (IWD )half the sky launched the Women in Leadership Interview Series - the series is created to gain insights from some of the most successful female leaders in APAC who have scaled to the top of their profession.

  • Listen to advice on how they managed to break down barriers of unconscious bias to achieve greater business success and how to normalise flexible workplace practices and work-life integration to increase employee satisfaction and productivity. 

  • Hear cutting edge ideas about leadership and the need to be innovative in an era of disruption.  

  • Listen to wisdoms from seasoned and successful female business leaders on how to manage cultural and societal demands and the benefits of an overseas posting for your career development. 

The series addresses leadership issues that affect all executives, and hones in on the unique challenge’s women encounter.

We had the privilege of launching the women in leadership series withAudrey Kuah an industry guru in marketing, business, digital advertising and media who has worked with some of the world’s leading Global Brands. Audrey is currently Executive Director, Media, Asia Pacific and Head ofDentsu Aegis Network's Global Data Innovation Centre - that is responsible for the company’s line-up of next-generation AI solutions, designed to help businesses solve the core challenges in the digital economy. 

In this edition we spent some time getting to know Audrey who shared with us her career journey and the challenges, lessons and mentors she has met along the way. Audrey also addresses her thoughts on discrimination in the workplace and provides a unique perspective. In today’s busy, technology-driven world, Audrey feels it’s more important than ever to focus on nurturing a habit of lifelong learning and for young female professionals to find their true voice and take risks. 

Enjoy our interview with Audrey — we know you’ll be inspired by her thoughts and insights!