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Data Center Engineering Operations Engineer, DCEO

Posted 04 March 2024
LocationTaiwan ROC
Job type Permanent

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Job Description


Amazon is a fast-paced technology company in the cloud industry.

The Data Center Engineering Operations (DCEO) Team is the backbone of AWS Infrastructure Operations organization supporting the rapid growth of our business and customers 24x7. We commit to maintain the critical facility infrastructure of AWS and ensure the highest standards of operational performance in the aspects of safety, security, availability, productivity, capacity and efficiency.

We are looking for a proven Data Center Engineering Operations (DCEO) Engineer with experience in critical facilities management, and a result-driven individual with strong technical understanding and the drive and vision to take our data center operations to the next level. The role will be reporting to the DCEO Cluster manager, and is responsible for ensuring high infrastructure availability, conducting risk assessment and mitigation, executing corrective and preventative maintenance of critical infrastructure and reporting accurate metric.

Some high-level responsibilities include but are not limited to:-

Key job responsibilities
• Serve as the primary business interface with the Colocation provider’s technical and facility teams to address day-to-day operational requirements within the Cluster;
• Supervise the on-site Colocation providers and respective contractors, to ensure all works performed is complied with established practices, procedures & local legislation;
• Manage Colocation suppliers to conduct routine maintenance, and respond to emergency services for critical systems including switchgear, generators, UPS systems, power distribution equipment, chillers, cooling towers, computer room air handlers, building monitoring systems, etc.;
• Generate change management requests & incident management tickets for Data Center facility;
• Engage in non-office on-call responsibilities and respond promptly to emergency situations or incident, such as power failures or natural disasters, and review to refine the established Emergency Operations Procedures to effectively handle these situations;
• Deeply involve with Colocation provider and contractors to resolve infrastructure engineering issues and conduct root cause analysis for operational issues;
• Establish comprehensive English documentation to business & facility operations in partnership with the Colocation provider;
• Constantly explore and recommend improvements to enhance the data center safety, security and availability;
• Maintain accurate and up-to-date Data Center infrastructure inventory through related matrices and internal dashboards;
• Take charge of the installation of the racks and conduct the rack space, power/cooling assessment;
• Lead new build and expansion projects to improve the operations efficiency, including the design, implementation, and commissioning phases;
• Assist in internal recruitment including conducting interviews and assisting with onboarding.

About the team
The Data Center Engineering Operations (DCEO) team is seeking engineers who can deploy, operate, and maintain the facilities (electrical/mechanical systems, controls/fire suppression systems, etc.) and manage related projects at our large-scale, high-density data centers.

We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations:

Taipei, TPE, TWN | Taipei, TWN


• Holder of a diploma, an undergraduate degree or above in any engineering-related discipline;
• Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience with facility management, and operating and maintaining infrastructure equipment in critical facilities such as datacenters, operation factories, substations, hospitals, etc.;
• In-depth knowledge of mechanical systems. (CRAC/CRAH, AHU, chillers, cooling towers, thermal buffer tanks, heat exchangers, plumbing systems, pumps, valves, duct systems, fans, dampers, fire detection and extinguishing systems, drainage systems, building monitoring systems, automatic control systems);
• Proven experience in major facilities incident management;
• Interest in the maintenance & improvement works of critical facility infrastructure in the data center;
• Good work attitude and eagerness to learn, with deep attention to details and accuracy;
• Energetic, adaptable and possess strong problem-solving skills;
• Strong ability to work independently and take initiative, while also being a collaborative team player who can work effectively with others;
• Ability to deliver facility expansion projects on time;
• Enjoy working in an inclusive and diverse environment;
• Excellent bi-lingual verbal and technical written communication skills (English and Chinese);


• Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or relevant discipline;
• Experience with operation and maintenance of data centers;
• Proficient in comprehending electrical systems. (HV/MV supply system of power substations, transformers, switchgears, VFI-class UPS, PDU, ATS, STS or VRLA battery, Li-ion battery and related systems, fuel systems related to diesel generators, surge control circuits, active harmonic filters, battery; monitoring systems, branch circuit monitoring systems, SCADA systems);
• Mission Critical facility management experience for a large enterprise or large Colocation provider;
• Datacenter or engineering related certificates; CDCP, CDCS, ATS, ATD, P.E, PMP, LEED, and others;
• License holder on Level B technician for interior wiring work or above;
• Fluent English communication skills - TOEIC 800+ or equivalent.