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Level 88, International Commerce Center, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR

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Company's Initiatives

  • Equal Pay Initiatives

    Equal Pay Initiatives

  • Mentorship Program

    Mentorship Program

  • Flexible Working Arrangements

    Flexible Working Arrangements

  • Leadership Development Program

    Leadership Development Program

  • Paid Parental Leave

    Paid Parental Leave

  • Return to Work Policy

    Return to Work Policy

  • Childcare Facilities

    Childcare Facilities

  • Breastfeeding Rooms

    Breastfeeding Rooms

  • Coaching Program

    Coaching Program

  • Raise Numbers Of Women In Leadership

    Raise Numbers Of Women In Leadership

  • Internal Women's Networking Group

    Internal Women's Networking Group

We Are Committed.

At Credit Suisse, diversity is part of our business. We foster diversity through several initiatives, including diversity councils, global employee networks and affinity groups that provide support, training, networking opportunities and camaraderie.

We Walk The Talk.

We are proud to be one of 325 companies across 50 industries included in the 2020 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index.

The GEI tracks the financial performance of public companies committed to supporting gender equality through policy development, representation, and transparency. The reference index measures gender equality across five pillars

  • Female leadership and talent pipeline: measures recruitment, retention and development of women into senior leadership positions.

  • Equal pay and gender pay parity: addresses closing the gender pay gap through transparent and effective action plans.

  • Inclusive culture: evaluates policies, benefits, and programs that contribute to an inclusive work environment.

  • Sexual harassment policies: assesses sexual harassment policies and procedures.

  • Pro-women brand: considers factors like supply chain, products and services, and external support for women in the community.

Our Role In Advancing Gender Equality.

Our Real Returns program for women provides talented and experienced professionals (not necessarily from the finance sector) who have taken an extended career break, an opportunity to transition back into the workplace through a structured 6-month program. By the end of 2018, the program has seen the participation of 295 professionals in 17 classes since its launch in 2014, and over 60% of participants obtained a permanent position at Credit Suisse.

Credit Suisse first signed the Women in Finance Charter in June 2016. Together with over 330 other financial services organisations in the UK, we have pledged to support the progression of women into senior roles across the UK Legal Entities.

The Executive Committees of the UK Legal Entities, and the leadership teams of each respective Executive Committee member, will aim for a minimum of 35% female representation by 2020. As of August 2019, we exceed this target on an aggregate with over three- quarters of committees achieving this already. Therefore we believe we are on track for our overall target for 2020.

Our commitment to the Charter builds on existing Credit Suisse initiatives designed to improve gender equality across our organisation. These initiatives include an annual strategic review of gender across all divisions and functions; using technology to reduce potential unconscious bias in our recruitment process; our high- profile Real Returns hiring program; Parental Transition Coaching for employees departing for, or returning from, parental leave; enabling flexible working; and encouraging networking, personal and professional development through our active EMEA Women's Network and award- winning Women Connect initiative.

We are inclusive.

We Support Women In All Walks Of Life.

The Women of Impact Dinner is an annual event at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Created to showcase extraordinary women who are making change happen in the world, the event offers women a platform to share their stories.

Every year, the speaker roster features women who have overcome tremendous odds to achieve the progress they want to see happen as well as women who have taken on challenges on an immense global scale. Driven by passion and purpose, women famous and unknown achieve incredible feats that the world needs to know about.

We are also delighted to have partnered with Halogen Foundation Singapore to provide 20 aspiring young female leaders with mentors from our Singapore Women’s Network. Today, these students understand the importance of being true to their core values, and are one step closer on their journey to becoming future leaders in fields they are passionate in.

Employees Testimonials

  • Atoms/Icons/Quote/03@1x Laura Barrowman
    ​After more than two decades working in tech, it is clear that a diversity of backgrounds, talents and interests drive the best ideas and innovation.
    Laura Barrowman, Credit Suisse

    Group Chief Technology Officer

  • Atoms/Icons/Quote/03@1x Florence Fong
    ​Our women’s networks focus on driving gender inclusivity. We encourage women to be vocal about what they believer in and to embrace leadership and development opportunities that come their way. Gender inclusivity is teamwork. We need individuals to champion the cause, and others to embrace it.
    Florence Fong, Credit Suisse

    Managing Director, Team Lead for Malaysia, Private Banking

  • Atoms/Icons/Quote/03@1x Lara J. Warner
    ​Over the past few years, Credit Suisse has been intensively working on not only talking about diversity, but acting on it – as recent developments in our Executive Board clearly prove.
    Lara J. Warner, Credit Suisse

    Chief Risk Officer

  • Atoms/Icons/Quote/03@1x Meenakshi KS
    ​The diverse culture at Credit Suisse fosters a workplace thar accelerates growth & innovation, where every individual feels respected and valued irrespective of gender, race and sexual orientation.
    Meenakshi KS, Credit Suisse

    Global Head of Business Delivery Centres

  • Atoms/Icons/Quote/03@1x Chien Chien Wong
    ​Diversity provides us with richer insights and a better understanding of evolving client needs. The promotion of diversity and inclusion is therefore an integral part of our corporate culture.
    Chien Chien Wong, Credit Suisse

    COO, Asia Pacific

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