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How to ace your virtual interview?

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How to ace your virtual interview?

Stressed about virtual job interviews?  Set yourself up for success by following these 7 tips from recruiters atCredit Suisse across the globe!

1. Dress To Impress

“Video interviews are not to be underestimated. Put in the same effort as you would in a regular interview and dress the part. Choose clothes that complement your desired background.” - Sarah Madge, Head of Virtual Recruitment, EMEA

2. No Distractions: Opt For A Clean Background.

"Film yourself against a clean background with no posters, cuddly toys or anything that would shift the interview’s focus away from you. A minimalistic background sets a professional tone and makes it easier for the interview to concentrate on you." - Claudio Rizzo, Channel Management Campus & Experienced Recruiting

3. Check Your Tech.

"Give yourself time to test the equipment and connections ahead of the interview. A day ahead, and later 30 minutes before the interview to set up. Check your WIFI connection, your video camera and microphone, to ensure that everything is being captured." - Aldrina Thirunagaran, Vice President, Channel Management Lead, APAC

4. Check Your Framing Too.

Framing is an often overlooked aspect. The focus of the interview should be you providing the interviewer with an opportunity to assess your energy, personality and enthusiasm. A mid-shot is recommended and keep your gestures to a minimum. - Diana Gruverman, Vice President, Global Campus Recruitment Lead, Investment Banking and Capital Markets

5. Make Eye Contact And Be Aware Of Your Body Language.

It’s essential to make proper eye contact. Find a balance between looking at the screen and addressing yourself directly to the camera. Be aware of your body language, drop your shoulders back, sit up straight and behave like you are in a face to face interview. - Anna Chwalek - Assistant Vice President, Virtual Recruitment Lead, Poland

6. Your Time To Shine.

Video interviews are your time to shine. So you got to ensure that the light is good, so that we can see you, let alone assess you. - Abhiroop Guha, Vice Preseident, Campus Recruitment Lead, India

7. Practice, Practice, Practice!

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