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DE&I News reel: Corporate Action & Personal Advocacy Drive DE&I Demand In Asia-Pacific

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DE&I News reel: Corporate Action & Personal Advocacy Drive DE&I Demand In Asia-Pacific

In a recent study conducted by Fleishman Hillard across 10 Asia-Pacific markets, DE&I concerns have taken center stage, with racism, discrimination, and sexual harassment emerging as the top issues. According to Provoke Media, the survey, reflecting the views of over 5,000 respondents, underscores that 90% of Asia-Pacific consumers expect companies to actively address diversity, equity, and inclusion. While a majority emphasizes the importance of corporate action on DE&I, only 3% recall receiving information on the topic from their employers. Notably, 36%anticipate employee training, and 83% expect companies to appoint DE&I leaders. Economic issues, such as housing and income, are identified as key drivers for personal advocacy, surpassing traditional DE&I topics. The study emphasizes the need for organizations to tailor their DE&I efforts to diverse regional attitudes, recognizing the nuanced nature of these issues across markets in the region. Social media emerges as the dominant channel for information, with individual conversations seen as pivotal drivers of familiarity and understanding.

Building a Stronger Future Together through DE&I with MccormickCorporation 

McCormick Corporation recently hosted its annual Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Townhall, focusing on the theme "Creating Inclusion through Action." The event aimed to provide insights into key DE&I initiatives across the organization, celebrate progress, and underscore the ongoing commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace. The townhall featured a keynote address by John Quiñones, ABC News veteran and creator of "What Would You Do?" who emphasized the importance of empathy and standing up against discrimination. McCormick's DE&I goals for 2025 include having 50% of global leadership positions held by women and 30% held by ethnically diverse talent in the U.S. Employee Ambassador Groups (EAGs) play a crucial role in driving cultural change, providing a platform for employees to build awareness and leadership skills. The Women's International Network (WIN) launched a new chapter in the Asia Pacific Zone in 2022, organizing events focused on workplace productivity and women's health awareness. McCormick's commitment to DE&I is reflected in leadership development programs and active engagement with EAGs, fostering an inclusive environment and contributing to the long-term growth of the business.

Aon: Asia Pacific Companies See ESG Issues of Critical Importance; However, More Work Is Needed To Fully Integrate Measures 

In the latest findings from Aon's 2023 Asia Pacific Corporate Governance and ESG Survey, it was revealed that while 58% of surveyed companies consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues critical to long-term success, most are lagging in fully integrating ESG measures into their operations. Only 29% include ESG-related goals and KPIs for their C-suite, and just 34% have a dedicated ESG function. The study emphasizes the need for boards and management to better understand the link between ESG and business strategies, urging the incorporation of ESG performance criteria into executive compensation plans. The report underscores that failing to address and integrate ESG metrics could expose companies to reputational risks, financial impacts, and regulatory consequences in the face of evolving market dynamics. Additionally, the study highlights the importance of board education on contemporary ESG topics and the rising priority of green talent, as nearly one-third of surveyed companies plan to introduce or expand ESG roles.

Kao Creates A New Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Policy

Kao Corporation, in adherence to its core values of integrity and commitment to a Kirei world in which all life lives in harmony, has introduced a new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Policy. Rooted in its corporate philosophy, the Kao Way, which emphasizes "walking the right path," the company has a long-standing history of safeguarding human rights and recognizing the diversity of its employees. The newly unveiled DE&I policy aims to expedite initiatives that foster diversity and inclusion, leveraging Kao's extensive range of businesses to collaborate with stakeholders, including employees and business partners, to contribute to a more inclusive society. This strategic move aligns with Kao's broader commitment to integrity, respecting human rights, and fulfilling its role as a responsible corporation in the ever-evolving global landscape.

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