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Stepping into the shoes of a Job Seeker

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Stepping into the shoes of a Job Seeker

​Like many in the tech industry my role was recently impacted after 4 marvelous years at Indeed. While I wish my narrative was different, due to loving my role as a Senior Project Manager and working for a company with an impactful mission statement of#wehelppeoplegetjobs. At day 45 and in the shoes of the Job Seeker, I remain optimistic for the path ahead in finding my next opportunity.

To date, I have learnt many things along the way and would like to share these insights with my network with the goal to create greater awareness and help those in a similar situation.

Sharing my top 5 learnings thus far;

  1. Create or recreate your elevator pitch

    Often a large part of who we are "our identity" is tied to our role and the company that we work for. Especially when introducing yourself to someone for the first time. Partnering with Career Coach Hilary Gray in forming a 10 second elevator pitch, that focused on my lived experiences, my skills and what made me unique made me feel more at ease when first meeting business professionals alike.

    Key learnings here, "Play to your strengths & Be You"

  2. Have your own personal business cards

    What I found when attending professional networking events I was often asked "Do you have a business card?" and I often replied "Unfortunately, I don't as I am in a transition". This made me realize that it was time to rebrand myself and importantly think about how I wanted to position myself in my industry. With website Vista Print and app Haystack I created a simple, yet impressionable business card that is 100% me.

    Key learning here, "Create a Lasting First Impression".

  3. Leverage your network and connect

    As someone who naturally loves to network and connect with professionals, being in a competitive job market allowed me to think differently and beyond just applying to a role advertised. It was taking it one step further in researching people in my existing network in companies of interest while continuing to develop new relationships through attending relevant Business Chamber of Commerce events.

    Key Learnings here "Be Brave and Ask the Question - Who in your network could you connect me to?"

  4. Spend time investing in continuous learning- It could be as simple as reading an industry related article or taking a specific course that will enhance your already existing skills. As a Senior Project Manager, I have found online course platforms Udemy and Coursera extremely valuable as they are helping me develop skills to acquire my PMP certification.

    Key Learning here "Develop a Growth Mindset".

  5. Make time for enjoyment and you- Job searching can be exhausting at times, therefore finding joy in the simple things like exercise, trying something new or picking up something again can definitely create a fresh perspective. I recently started learning the Saxaphone, an instrument I have always wanted to learn however never found the time. It has been challenging yet a rewarding experience.

    Key Learning here "Be open to trying new things as you might just surprise yourself".

As I continue on my journey, I have recognized that small progress is still progress, enjoying the moment is precious and that you never know who you may meet along the way to help you find your next #opportunity.

For anyone who is in a similar situation, would like to connect on this article further or seeking a Senior Project Manager for their team, please send me a direct message. I would love to connect and continue the conversation!

Credits: Domenique Onishi

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