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Why am I getting ghosted by companies?!

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Why am I getting ghosted by companies?!

“Ghosting” in job applications refers to the practice of employers or recruiters not responding to job applicants after they have submitted their resumes or completed interviews. This can be a frustrating and disheartening experience for job seekers, who often invest a significant amount of time and effort in the application process.

Recent studies showed that nearly 2/3 of professionals have experienced ghosting during their job search, and that it was more common among younger job seekers, with 72% of millennials reporting that they had been ghosted, compared to 57% of baby boomers.

Another study also found that ghosting was more prevalent among candidates who applied for entry-level positions, with 63% of entry-level candidates reporting that they had been ghosted, compared to 50% of executive-level candidates.

The rise of ghosting in the job market can be attributed to a number of factors. One is the increasing use of technology in the hiring process, which makes it easier for recruiters to screen and sort through large numbers of resumes and applications. This can lead to a greater volume of applicants being ignored or overlooked.

Another factor is the tight job market, where there are more job openings than there are qualified candidates. This gives employers more leverage to be selective and can make the process more competitive for job seekers. Conversely, when there is an overwhelming volume of applicants, especially with the rise of online job boards and social media, recruiters are often inundated with a large number of resumes and applications. This makes it difficult for them to respond to every candidate, leading to some being ignored or overlooked.


Ghosting can also be caused by the way companies handle their recruitment process. Some companies may not have a proper process in place to communicate with applicants, or may not have enough resources to communicate with all applicants.

At times, the company may have to put a (usually unexpected) hiring freeze or cut the budget for recruitment, so recruiters may not be able to continue the process and fail to let the candidate know.

To avoid being ghosted, job seekers can take steps such as following up with the employer or recruiter after an interview, being persistent in their job search and networking, and having a well-written, tailored resume and cover letter.

Overall, ghosting can be a frustrating and disheartening experience for job seekers, but by understanding the reasons behind it and taking appropriate steps to mitigate the risks, they can improve their chances of success in the job market.


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