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The Future is Female: Meet the Women Shaping the Future of Autodesk

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The Future is Female: Meet the Women Shaping the Future of Autodesk

Autodesk is the global leader in design and make software. With over $4 billion in revenue, our teams bring better design outcomes to the most recognized technology and media companies in the world.

On 16th March, we met some of Autodesk's women leaders and get the inside scoop on their company culture.

Speaker's information

- Padmaja Manjunath, Senior Manager, Engineering Specialized Services -

Sissi Ren + Director, Finance APAC

- Suzi Bryce + Director, Customer Technical Success APAC

What to expect

Meet the women leaders of Autodesk Asia Pacific Region

- Learn about how to advocate for yourself in order to grow and succeed

- Learn about career opportunities at Autodesk Asia Pacific region

- Hear an inside perspective on working at Autodesk

- Gain career advice from women leaders

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