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10 Ways to Tailor Your Resume for a Leadership Position

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10 Ways to Tailor Your Resume for a Leadership Position

Looking to take on a leadership role in your next job opportunity? Aside from narrowing your job search to specific leadership positions, it’s equally as important to ensure that your resume is tailored for these roles!

You’ll need to showcase your relevant experience, skills, and accomplishments that highlight your ability to lead. Additionally, tailoring your resume for a leadership position allows you to use the right keywords and phrases that will help your resume stand out to potential employers and increase your chances of getting noticed and selected for an interview.

Here are 10 ways you can tailor your resume for a leadership position:

Highlight relevant leadership experience

Make sure to highlight any previous leadership roles you've had, including specific accomplishments and responsibilities.

Use strong action verbs

Use powerful action verbs like "managed," "led," "oversaw," and "coordinated" to show that you have a track record of taking charge and getting things done.

Show results

The proof is in the pudding! Provide concrete examples of how your leadership skills have led to positive outcomes for your previous employers.

Tailor your resume to the specific position

Customize your resume to the specific leadership role you're applying for, highlighting the most relevant experience and skills. You can tweak it slightly for each application you are making.

Emphasize your communication skills

Leadership positions often require strong communication skills, so make sure to highlight your ability to effectively communicate with team members and other stakeholders.


Show your strategic thinking

Include examples of how you have used strategic thinking to drive business results and achieve goals.

Show your ability to manage teams

This is another key skill leaders must possess. Include examples of how you have managed and motivated teams to achieve common goals.

Show your ability to work under pressure

Highlight how you have handled difficult situations and managed to deliver results despite pressure or tight deadlines.


Show your ability to adapt to change

Include examples of how you have navigated and adapted to changes in the workplace, whether it be new technology, company restructuring, or other challenges.

Use keywords

Include industry-specific keywords and phrases that will help your resume stand out to potential employers.

All in all, there are many ways you can tweak your resume to reflect that you are the perfect candidate for a leadership role. Make sure that you include clear examples of your strong points and zone in on those leadership-related skills, and you’ll be noticed by employers in no time!

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