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These are the fastest growing jobs in Southeast Asia, in 2022 according to Linkedin

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These are the fastest growing jobs in Southeast Asia, in 2022 according to Linkedin

How much did the pandemic really change the job market? Read on to learn about the jobs in demand in 2022.

The last two years have undeniably accelerated the rate of digitization and the move towards hybrid work. With remote jobs and work-from-home becoming the norm, companies now need to ensure that they are creating and supporting roles that can truly operate from anywhere.  With the job market thus faced with obvious changes and challenges, how is the job search radar expanding to encompass new roles on the rise?  The 2022LinkedInJobs on the Rise list brings to light the twenty most in-demand job titles and how these roles will continue to rise in popularity over the years to come.

Let’s take a quick look at the fastest growing roles in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

  1. Singapore

    • Machine learning engineer

    • Healthcare assistant

    • Backend developer

    • Talent acquisition specialist

    • Sustainability manager

  2.  Indonesia

    • Data science specialist

    • Machine learning engineer

    • Patient access representative

    • Career coordinator

    • Government representative

  3. Malaysia

    • Geographic information systems analyst

    • Medical laboratory scientist

    • Information technology associate

    • Fraud analyst

    • Data engineer

  4. Philippines

    • Media buyer

    • Clinical research associate

    • Salesforce consultant

    • Cybersecurity analyst

    • Business development representative

What do these job-trends point at? Collectively, the focus will continue to be on data analysis, healthcare-based tech roles and jobs that protect organizations against cyber threats. In the wake of the “great reshuffle”, many professionals are either on the lookout or suddenly facing the need for a career change. Knowing where the talent gaps are will help individuals better prepare for the roles they wish to move to and thrive in.

The most common skills needed are related to the cybersecurity, data, and tech domains. That said, the difficulties of the last couple of years have also highlighted the need for the right people skills and attitude. Hard skills can only go so far, but it is the human aspects that make people unique contributors to the collective goal and help take the organization the extra mile forward. Honing the required skillsets and attitude required to succeed in the roles listed above is a great way to start for those seeking a lateral or vertical move in their careers. 

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