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How Johnson & Johnson Created a Culture that Holistically Supports Working Parents

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How Johnson & Johnson Created a Culture that Holistically Supports Working Parents

Kristen Mulholland, Head of Global Total Rewards, shares the culture is one of the many reasons the company has been named one of the Seramount 100 Best Companies and Best Companies for Dads.

From remote working to approaching office return dates, balancing caregiving responsibilities, and young children returning to classrooms, working parents have shown great resilience adapting to the changes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. At Johnson & Johnson, we strive to support our employees and their families—physically, mentally, emotionally and financially—so that they can bring their best self to work and at home. Because we know that when our employees thrive, they can then bring their best selves to work and our organization to continue our commitment for better health for all.

At the beginning of this year, I never imagined we would still be living through the impacts of the pandemic as we approach 2022. I am proud of how our team continuously rallied together to adapt to a shifting external environment and to address the needs of our workforce. From evolving our flexible work environment to enhancing our digital mental health tools, this past year Johnson & Johnson has focused on the details that would address immediate needs and in doing so enable long-term success and support for its employees, including working parents.

Strengthening a Sustainable Flexible Work Environment

At Johnson & Johnson, we have long championed policies that provide flexibility for our employees to balance personal and professional responsibilities. Faced with a global pandemic, we lived up to our commitment and incorporated more opportunities for flexibility in when, where and how we work, allowing for open dialogue about the changing schedule needs of employees, especially working parents.

The need to offer flexibility to support the health of our employees and their families has never been more important. To meet these needs, we have continued to evolve our hybrid model to offer a framework for flexibility to help all of our employees balance their personal and professional responsibilities. For working parents specifically, our progressive benefits, including ample parental leave time globally, back-up dependent care and on-site child care centers, enable parents to embrace a flexible work schedule.

Mental Well-Being That Goes Beyond a Global Pandemic

Supporting employees’ total health has always been one of our top priorities. We continue to create an environment where our employees and their families have access to an ecosystem of resources to help them proactively build resilience, manage stress and anxiety, and develop skills to adapt and thrive in the midst of change, which was especially important during the pandemic.

Through updates to our digital health platform and access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and WorkLife Services and new mental well-being trainings, we educate and empower employees and their families to prioritize their mental well-being and support their colleagues to do the same.

Beyond tools and resources, our culture is important to supporting mental well-being. Johnson & Johnson’s Mental Health Diplomats, a part of our Alliance for Diverse Abilities Employee Resource Group (ERG), work to ensure each and every employee across our organization feels accepted for who they are and where they’re at, offering mental illness support in the workplace and promoting our mental well-being resources available.

We know that mental well-being unlocks heahier lives, stronger communities and a stronger Johnson & Johnson. We continue to cultivate an environment where our mental well-being is prioritized at the same level as physical well-being, and encourage employees to support one another across their lives.

Our efforts have impacted thousands of employees and their families at Johnson & Johnson. By continuing to provide total well-being support, we can ensure employees can be at their best for their colleagues, families and communities, and enable us to continue our mission to change the trajectory of human health.

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