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Let’s talk about kindness at work

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Let’s talk about kindness at work

​When we talk about the workplace, kindness isn’t something that we instantly associate it with. As a matter of fact, kindness usually gets ignored when we talk about work, and this is because of cutthroat workplace cultures that forge unhealthy practices such as unethical behavior, backstabbing and high-stress and frequently reward such behavior with the misguided belief that it is the best way to get results.  Instead acts of kindness and empathy are frowned upon as signs of weakness. We’ve all heard the saying “nice guys finish last”, and in popular culture whether it be on TV or in the Movies the depiction of a cutthroat business leader or manager is so prevalent that it’s a cliché in our society. To get ahead you have to be tough, ruthless and single minded.

When applied to the workplace. It gives off the impression that kindness won’t help you be successful but that isn’t the case at all. A little kindness goes a long way, and it should be extended beyond your friends and family, in whatever you do and wherever you are which includes the workplace. There’s a song that goes, “it takes guts to be gentle and kind,” but really, how hard can it be when even one act of kindness can be enough to spur positive change in someone, in a group of people, and in the workplace.

Kindness is power

Being kind at work can bring forward positive outcomes for everyone. It can help maintain wellness in a space that can usually cause mental and physical strain. Through acts of kindness, whether small or big, the workplace can be a better place for you to be more productive, and of course, enrich yourself in your chosen career.

Acts of kindness in the workplace can help you deal with workplace stress and anxiety. If you feel that your workplace has the sense of kindness that welcomes everyone’s concerns, then you would not be afraid of sharing any issues or problems that may affect the way you work. With kindness, you can be more comfortable at work and self-confident which can of course make you even better at your job.

Kindness in leadership

Kindness has the capacity to create a significant positive ripple in the workplace. A gesture of kindness from one person can easily spread and influence the entire workplace. And this is why leaders should know the value of kindness in the workplace, for without it, it will be hard to foster a culture of kindness for the benefit of everyone.

To be a kind leader is to also promote diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. A leader who is mindful of kindness is aware that each idea and opinion from each and everyone in the workplace matters and as this mindset is presented in the workplace, it will be easy for everyone else to follow suit.

Make room for kindness

By being kind, you are letting yourself be more empathetic—you are opening yourself to the idea that even in the workplace, it’s valuable to build genuine connections with the people around you. Your coworkers also share the same goal as you as you are all part of one organization that works toward a common aim. By being kind and having empathy, you can have a deeper understanding of your career goals, both in the individual and collective sense.

Fostering a culture of kindness in the workplace takes work but once it is put in place, it becomes easier to work for everyone. It can boost productivity for it also enhances collaboration. As people in the workplace put in the effort to be kind to each other, the workplace becomes a better space for decision-making, problem solving and innovation.

Now that the ways in which we worked has drastically changed, we can easily assume that kindness in the workplace took a turn too but that’s not really the case. More than ever, now’s the time to be more kind, to be more appreciative to those around us, to be more understanding about people’s situations—to be kind whenever possible, and I want to assure you, it’s always possible. Always take the initiative to be kind for it would always be worth it.

A culture of kindness in the workplace is linked to a positive company culture. With kindness, it can easily be expected for a workforce to be more satisfied and happier. This is because they are in a space where they can feel nurtured and encouraged to better themselves in their career.

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