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Expanding Our Commitment to Support Greater Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Expanding Our Commitment to Support Greater Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

​We aspire to be one of the best companies in the world to work for – a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace that our people feel proud to be part of. We have over 17,800 people in 44 countries, 94 different nationalities and an age profile that spans 5 generations. With such a broad, multi-cultural environment, we want everyone to feel supported, included and able to grow and succeed.

Today we have published our first Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Report, an opportunity for us to reinforce our commitment to making Experian a place where everyone can be themselves at work – and to map the progress we are making on improving our diversity as a business.

The events of the past year have shown the uneven impact of the global pandemic on certain communities. It has also demonstrated how important it is for our people to feel safe, secure, and connected to one another. This has strengthened our determination to continue building our ‘people first’ culture to be even better than it is today.

We have taken the opportunity to stand back and evaluate our work on DEI, and this year we will focus on five priority areas which include, assigning executive level sponsors; developing a better data set to understand our demographics; reviewing our hiring practices both internally and externally; increasing transparency and accountability; and empowering our people to help us create a more diverse and inclusive business. We have also set specific diversity, equity and inclusion targets to hold ourselves accountable and to monitor our progress.

We know there’s always more work to do, but the steps we are taking are the right ones to move us forward. We have big ambitions as a company and achieving these rely on us having the widest range of talent possible. We know that If we continue to live up to our purpose and stay true to our diversity, equity and inclusion ambitions, we will make Experian a better and stronger company in the process.

Read the full Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Report here.

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