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New Year, New Job, New You: Why January is the best time to job search

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New Year, New Job, New You: Why January is the best time to job search

​The dawn of the new year casts a shadow over the last, and the events from 2020 stand out in relief. Over 81 million jobs in the Asia-Pacific were lost during the past year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Others had to cling to their jobs, facing reduced hours and significant salary cuts. And for them, this was still better than having no job at all.

In this crisis, the female demographic was one of the hardest hit in terms of their careers. They were also reportedly more likely to leave the workforce amid a growing number of retrenchments. This is since women filled a larger degree of informal and face to face service roles across industries such as hospitality that were severely hit during the height of the global pandemic.

2021 offers a chance to start again and find opportunity in a sea of change. January presents a prime opportunity to experiment and forge new paths in your career. It's time to be optimistic and greet the new year with a new job and a new—and better— you.

Find out why January is the best time to start your job search:

The Best Time for Job Hunting

If you're feeling extremely motivated to find work this January, well, you're not alone. Many companies are also eager to jumpstart their hiring plans after the holidays. Moreover, you'll be applying to a fully-staffed HR department since everyone's fresh from the December break.

January is also the beginning of the new quarter so companies are looking to fill their quotas and hit their yearly goals early on. You'll find them posting job vacancies around this time so you know your resume will be received with open arms.

A Hive Of Activity

Once you've applied to prospective job openings, don't think you're out of the woods yet. With everyone wanting a fresh start, you're in for a lot of competition. It's because people often leave their jobs after the end of the year and so companies receive a large influx of applications come January.

This means a busy HR department as well, so it'll take some time for them to process every single applicant. And with the year just getting started, delaying hiring decisions can become a regular occurence.

Start The Year Right

All this just means that you need to put your best foot forward and make the most out of the season. Update your resume for any side hustles you've taken up and start practicing some common interview questions. Doing your research can help you stand out from the competition.

Perseverance Is Key

If the first few weeks of January have not panned out, don't worry. The golden window for your job search in 2021 starts from mid-January to February, and if you're lucky, it can reach even up to early March. This period is when the number of career opportunities reaches its peak so don't get discouraged and keep sending out inquiries and resumes.

Did you know that there's the best day of the week to apply, too? The rule of thumb is to apply around Tuesdays so your application doesn't get buried under a pile of others as the week goes by.

When you've sent in all your applications, there's no time to waste in waiting. In the meantime, you can try learning a new skill or enroll in an online class. What you'll learn can impress interviewers and help you land that job.

It's about time to put a stop to 2020's pattern of negativity and start a path for newer, greener pastures. Beginning the year right sets an optimistic mood for the rest of the year so use our guide and grab those career opportunities.

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