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How To Future-Proof Your Career In 2020 (And Beyond)

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How To Future-Proof Your Career In 2020 (And Beyond)

​The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted how we live, work and play and impacted businesses across industries in ways that many had never imagined.  

As businesses and workers move from crisis management to long-term planning, there are many questions that people are seeking to be addressed. How will the pandemic impact my career long-term? What skills do I need to remain competitive in the job market? How will remote working effect my job? How do I become digitally savvy? 

In this webinar, Eu-Lin Fang Partner, PwC Singapore and also the Head of PwC's Academy discussed with us the future of work and how to prepare yourself for change.

Half the Sky's mission is to supply the tools that can give every woman the ability to build a successful career and be fully prepared for the future of work. So, that they can lead a healthy, prosperous and more balanced/blended lifestyle of their choosing.  By building your confidence, you’re setting foundations to empower yourself and your career.  The world is your oyster, and it starts with you. 

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