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How to make your current job work for you, if you are unhappy?

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How to make your current job work for you, if you are unhappy?

Are you feeling unhappy at work? Unhappiness at work can be a very common feeling. At some point in our career, we are bound to feel unhappy. However, some of us may feel chronically unhappy at work. There are many reasons why you’re feeling unhappy. Here are some factors that can help you to determine why and what you can do about it.

  • Feeling stuck with the current position.

  • Feeling underappreciated.

  • Feeling overworked.

  • Disliking the work enviroment.

  • Disliking your colleagues or upper management.

After pinpointing the root cause of your unhappiness, it is time to decide. There are two choices. First, perhaps it is time for you to quit your job. Or, you can always try to solve the problems at hand and make your job work for you! Check out these simple methods to follow!

  1. Understand the situation

Start off by taking a step back and understanding the situation that you are in. Sometimes, we get up so caught up being unhappy, that we have forgotten to determine the root cause. It is time to ask yourself some hard questions. What is it about your current job that makes you unhappy? Is it your position, or perhaps your colleagues? The answers through this analysis will help you to figure out the next step!

2. Talk to the management

Once you have identified the reason, it is time to take some actions. Talking to your management can be a very difficult task. Hence, it is always important to plan out the conversation. Think of the ideal adjustments you are seeking for and plan the conversation accordingly. Remember, it is your superiors’ job to support, supervise, and encourage you but they are not mind readers. If you are feeling unhappy, take the initiative to start a conversation.

3. Change your perspective

As cliché as it sounds, but when you change your perspective, everything in the world changes too. Being negative about your current position will not help you. In fact, it will make things much worse. Instead, try to do something that you love at work every single day. Try it by listing out some of your favourite tasks and execute them daily! Slowly, but surely, it will change your perspective.

4. Share it with your friends

Sharing work problems on social media accounts is never a good idea. Fortunately, that does not mean that you must keep your problems all to yourself. Grab your girlfriends for brunch and express your feelings to them. As said, being unhappy at work is a common feeling, and your girlfriends will understand the situation you are in. Although venting does not necessarily help you with the situation but unloading makes you feel better.

5. Do your best work

This step may sound odd, but it works! When you are feeling unhappy, it is common for you to put minimal effort in everything you do. It is hard to do the opposite but doing the best that you can and creating high-quality work will make you feel satisfied. It will increase your confidence, and perhaps change your perspective of your current situation. If it does not, at least you can go home everyday knowing that you did a good job.

You can do this

Being unhappy at work is a very difficult situation to deal with. By following these steps, perhaps you can diffuse it. Remember, you will need to put it some effort. It will take some time, too! With that said, don’t rush the process. If these methods are not working out for you, then it might be a good time to start looking for other positions. Good luck!

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