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5 things you need to do to stand out in a tough job market

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5 things you need to do to stand out in a tough job market

​During tough economic times finding a job is not easy, and current unemployment rates across most developed economies in Asia is steadily increasing. In Singapore, the latest labour market data indicates that employers are hiring more cautiously and with talk of mass layoffs and retrenchments steadily increasing. It’s very important to stand out in a tougher job market. In order to stand out, it is important to have a winning formula, and show your best skills to potential employers. Here are five things you need to do to stand out!

  1. Create the perfect curriculum vitae

Most of the time, your curriculum vitae is the first impression of you. Therefore, your curriculum vitae needs to be a perfect sales pitch. Make sure to include all your vital information such as your qualifications, professional skills, work experiences, and best references. It is pivotal to keep it up to date with the latest information. Most importantly, remember to check your grammar! Make the first impression count.  If you need help on building a kiler resumeSign Up here for half the sky upcoming resume clinic!

2. Build a notable online profile

Once you have created the perfect curriculum vitae, it is time to move on to the next agenda. It goes without saying that people can easily find you online. That’s why it is crucial to building a notable online profile. Recruiters are always looking for new hires in social platforms such as LinkedIn. Hence, it is always a good step to connect with reputable companies on LinkedIn. Additionally, be mindful of your postings on other social media accounts too!

3. Join professional associations

Online, checked! Now, it is to focus on the offline segment. It doesn’t hurt to have good connections within your industry. Hence, be a member of a professional association. Not only will it increase your networking capabilities, but it will also add an positive look on your profile. Commonly, these associations comprise of industry professionals and experts. On top of that, you may just get firsthand information regarding job openings via networking!

4. Stay up to the date with the latest job trends

By staying up to date you will be able to forecast future labour market requirements from potential employers. While skimming through, it is great to identify the dynamic trends in various industries that are related to your professional skills and work experiences. If your skills don’t match the trends, it is time for an upgrade to meet the requirements. Increasing your knowledge will always increase your employability.

5. Prepare for an interview

When an opportunity comes knocking on your door, you better be ready for it! Do an online research regarding the most common questions that potential employers will ask, and the best way to answer. Know the company and position that you are applying for as much as possible. Check through your cover letter and curriculum vitae for potential questions that your potential employers may ask. Preparation is always the key.

Simple, but effective.

Nowadays, there are many highly qualified candidates resulting in a competitive job market. By following these steps, not only it will build your confidence, but it will always make you stand out in the industry. These simple but effective steps are often neglected by potential candidates. With that said, remember to check your curriculum vitae, clean up your online profile, start networking, stay up to date, and prepare; and you are good to go! 

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