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5 Tips To Ace Different Types Of Interviews


Good news! Your resume has landed you an interview with your dream job. Here’s the next step to successfully secure your job, and ace your interview. The job market is incredibly competitive with many professionals now degree holders, job interviews are no longer an easy task. It is no longer meeting up with your potential employer, having a quick chat, and hoping for a phone call with an agreement by the end of the week. Now, potential employees have to go through several types of interviews over several rounds just to land a job. From traditional interviews, group interviews, informal interviews, lunch and dinner interviews, to many more, that will put your skills to the test

Don’t worry! Here at Half The Sky, we’ve got your back and we’re going to give you 5 Tips To Ace those Different Types Of Interviews.

Traditional Interviews

Traditional interviews are the most common kind of interviews. In the solo interview, a series of questions will be asked by the interviewer to figure out if you’re competent for the job. To prepare for a traditional interview, remember to conduct research of the company, use your connections to get some inside scoop of the company, take your time to practice, and dress appropriately! Sure, it is important to answer the questions correctly, but it is equally important to ask the right questions as well.

Phone & Video Interviews

Oftenly, phone and video interviews are first-round screening. When a company has too many applicants, it will conduct a phone or video interview to see if you are fit to come in for a full interview. Similar to traditional interviews, you will need to conduct some groundwork before answering a phone or video interview. Apart from finding a quiet spot for an interview, create a cheat sheet. Certainly, interviews have a way of making interviewees nervous. When you are feeling a little frozen, simply refer to the cheat sheet for an answer!

Group Interviews

Here’s an uncommon type of interview, group interviews. You might find this type of interview for positions in which the company is hiring multiple people for the same type of job scope. To stand out from the crowd, it is important to be confident throughout the interview. While waiting for the interviewer, spend some time getting to know everyone in the room. Although everyone in the room is your competition, they assist you to move forward for one-on-one interview. At all times, remember to listen carefully, and speak with purpose.

Panel Interviews

Panel interviews are total opposite of group interviews. Instead of having many interviewees, there will be many interviewers. If the idea of having one-on-one interviews make you sweat, imagine having a firing squad of four or even seven people, at the same time. The panel of interviewers typically represents the different parts of the company. Hence, they will consider you through different perspective. Firstly, find out the positions of each interviewer, and use their names throughout the interview. It is important to be engaging with everyone on the panel too! Don’t just focus on the person who smiles at you the most!

Lunch & Dinner Interviews

If your interviewer is asking for a lunch or dinner interview, that’s good news! It simply means that the interviewer wants to know more about you as a person. For preparation, do a basic research of the restaurant. If you have yet to meet the interviewer, do a quick LinkedIn search for an image. When it comes to ordering meals, ask the interviewer for recommendations, or let the interviewer order first to know the appropriate price point. Aside from remembering the information you will need for the interview, remember your table manners as well, your every move will be watched.

Did The Interview Go Well?

There are many signs that can indicate the job interview went well. If the interviewer are getting specific about the job responsibilities or gives you positive affirmations - you know that you’re one step closer to getting your dream job!

Hope this helped and check back in for other tips on winning at those interviews.

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