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Happy Mother’s Day Special!


In honor of Mothe'rs Day, half the sky spoke to two working mothers and we talked about all things motherhood - how to manage homelife and excel in their careers at the same time while raising kids and their advice to newborn moms who’s returning back to work and many more. ​

Rachna Sampayo, a mother of two and currently the Vice President of Human Resources for ASEAN & SAGE countries at Oracle. Rachna has shared with us that she had moved countries and to bigger roles after giving birth to her two daughters, her most defining moment as a working mum which brought us tears and goosebumps, things to consider before starting a new employment for professional mothers, her advice to newborn moms who’s returning back to work and the importance of ME time. 

​​Charlotte Thng, a mother of three and currently the Head of Human Resources for Singapore, Australia and ASA Cluster Markets at Standard Chartered Bank. Charlotte has shared how by telling herself - “I am not a super women” has helped her to deal with mum guilt, support structure she has at home to enable her excel in her career and her advice to newborn moms who’s returning back to work.

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