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The Trade Desk

We have offices in offices in Singapore, Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and Thailand

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Company's Initiatives

  • Mentorship Program

    Mentorship Program

  • Flexible Working Arrangements

    Flexible Working Arrangements

  • Leadership Development Program

    Leadership Development Program

  • Paid Parental Leave

    Paid Parental Leave

  • Return to Work Policy

    Return to Work Policy

  • Breastfeeding Rooms

    Breastfeeding Rooms

  • Sponsorship Program

    Sponsorship Program

  • Coaching Program

    Coaching Program

  • Raise Numbers Of Women In Leadership

    Raise Numbers Of Women In Leadership

Because What You Do Matters

What is The Trade Desk doing about diversity and inclusion?

We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging in which all employees are empowered to bring their authentic selves to work every day. We demonstrate this commitment through a strategy of education, celebration, donations to the community, diversifying our talent, and creating forums for internal dialogue and listening. Since launching these five focus areas, some ways we have put them into action include:


  • Internal training such as Unconscious Bias, Inclusive Leadership, and Becoming an Ally (via LinkedIn, our global online learning platform).

  • Employee-led panels, workshops, and interviews.

  • Online references and resources featuring books, videos, podcasts and more.

Find a way to make an impact with a programatic trading career at The Trade Desk


  • A global calendar of events connecting to specific audiences, including Black History Month, PRIDE, Lunar New Year, International Women’s Day/Women’s History Month & more.

  • Internal communication and invitations for employees to participate as presenters or supporters.


We have increased our giving to support organizations dedicated to inclusion and belonging, including the 2020 Diversity Women’s Business Leadership Conference and the Grace Hopper Celebration, which has the world’s largest gathering of women in technology with a mission of gender equality.

In addition, in 2020 we donated to causes where our support can have a meaningful impact, including support to bring Covid-19 vaccine to underserved countries; the construction of two wells for water supplies in Cameroon; mental health support specifically designed for the needs of Black women and girls; and support for LGBTQ youth escaping violence and persecution. The Trade Desk has also made partnerships to direct interested customers to Black/Indigenous/People of Color suppliers and publishers.

Diversifying our Talent

We seek diverse candidates and train our talent acquisition team to avoid bias in interviews. We partner with universities and advertising industry organizations to share The Trade Desk story with diverse student audiences to develop early connections through internships and early career opportunities.

Listening to Each Other

Global data from our most recent Great Place to Work Survey in Q4 2020 showed that 91% of employees believe The Trade Desk took meaningful action on inclusion and belonging during the prior year.

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Employees Testimonials

  • Atoms/Icons/Quote/03@1x Karin Teruya
    ​I really applaud the level of organisation that you and your team have put into this [Interview Workshop] event. Thank you so much for bring it all together. I hope to collaborate again on a different event/project down the road.
    Karin Teruya, The Trade Desk

    Recruiter, Go-to market, Tokyo

  • Atoms/Icons/Quote/03@1x David Zhu
    ​Overall, we thought the Interview Workshop was an amazing initiative to give back to the community. All the speakers had a great experience partnering with Half the Sky. The journey was extremely organised; from dry-runs to the actual presentation. The process was transparent and we all knew what was happening at every stage. Amazing job at pulling everything together and we all appreciate the hospitality.
    David Zhu, The Trade Desk

    Recruiter (Go to market), Sydney

  • Atoms/Icons/Quote/03@1x Florencia Eka
    ​Why do I work at The Trade Desk? Because my entrepreneurial spirit matters.
    Florencia Eka, The Trade Desk


  • Atoms/Icons/Quote/03@1x Tomoko Takeda
    ​It's really a self-driven job. We're free to decide the best strategies for different clients and activate those ideas. That's where I think a lot of the fun comes from- we're empowered to make meaningful choices in our day-to-day work. Throughout my time here, I've been able to communicate with colleagues around the world. I think it's exciting that we can all learn from each other professionally, as well as other people's cultures no matter which office you're in. It really is a global company.
    Tomoko Takeda, The Trade Desk

    Senior Account Executive

  • Atoms/Icons/Quote/03@1x Daiki Sato
    ​The Japan office is only six years old, but it's growing every year. We can see that growth reflected in our sales and how we influence product development. The Japan office is diverse, and we also get to collaborate and communicate with our colleagues and counterparts around the world. You don't usually get to experience a work culture like this. I really feel like we're all one global team.
    Daiki Sato, The Trade Desk

    Lead Associate Account Director

  • Atoms/Icons/Quote/03@1x Udit Relia
    Why do I work at The Trade Desk? Because challenging the status quo matters.​
    Udit Relia, The Trade Desk

    New Delhi

  • Atoms/Icons/Quote/03@1x Kevin Wang
    ​The Trade Desk is disrupting the programmatic advertising landscape, and it is very exciting to be along for that journey. It means I get to learn something new about the ad tech industry every day, and build products that really make an impact.
    Kevin Wang, The Trade Desk

    Software Engineer I

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