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Your Daily News Reel: HTS DE&I Report

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Your Daily News Reel: HTS DE&I Report

In the dynamic landscape of today's workforce, diversity and inclusion have become more than buzzwords—they are driving forces of positive change. As organizations around the world embrace these values, they're making waves with innovative initiatives that celebrate differences and foster equality. Join us in this news highlight reel as we explore groundbreaking efforts to promote diversity and inclusion...

Breaking News: Mashreq Global Network Prioritizes Diversity & Inclusion

In a pioneering move, UAE-born financial institution Mashreq Bank and its subsidiary, Mashreq Global Network (MGN), have made diversity and inclusion (D&I) a cornerstone of their organizational culture. According to Jayanthi Gopal, Head of HR for Mashreq Global Network, their commitment to fostering human capital is unwavering. This commitment transcends age, gender, race, disability, or religion, as they strive to provide equal opportunities to all employees.

Empowering Women: A Program for Returnees

Mashreq Global Network is taking proactive steps to empower women who are returning to the workforce after a hiatus. These hiatuses may be due to maternity, elderly care, family responsibilities, pursuing higher studies, or personal interests. This program underscores their dedication to inclusivity and support for women in their workforce.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) on the Rise

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are making a significant impact on workplaces globally. They're projected to reach a remarkable $7.0 billion with a 12.1% Compound Annual Growth Rate. ERGs are advocating for diversity and equity and cover various demographics, such as women, people of color, LGBTQI+, veterans, those with disabilities, and young professionals. ERGs often focus on volunteering, mentorship, sustainability, and have a multitude of benefits, including increasing cultural awareness, fostering employee engagement, and boosting innovation.

India Inc. Championing Workplace Diversity

India Inc. is making commendable strides in enhancing workplace diversity. These companies are introducing various programs to ensure equal participation and support for women in the workforce. These initiatives are leaving no stone unturned, welcoming more women to the workplace and creating diverse and inclusive environments.

Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. Recognized for Diversity & Inclusion Efforts

Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. has received high praise and recognition in the D&I Award 2022 index. Their commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in their diversity score of 96 out of 100 and the prestigious "Best Workplace" rating. This award acknowledges their dedication to respecting individuality and providing equal opportunities for all employees, allowing them to challenge themselves and reach their full potential.

In today's news highlights, we've seen remarkable initiatives that emphasize diversity and inclusion in the workplace. From UAE-based financial institutions to employee resource groups and India Inc.'s commitment to workplace diversity, these efforts underscore the importance of equal opportunities and inclusive workplaces. These initiatives are not only creating diverse environments but also recognizing the value of each individual's unique contributions. It's clear that fostering diversity and inclusion is not just a goal—it's a commitment to unlocking the full potential of every workforce.

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