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5 things to know about the new hybrid workplace

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5 things to know about the new hybrid workplace

​Everyone knows by now that the nature of work is changing. Just last year, we experienced a sudden shift to remote working. Now that vaccine rollouts are underway in several countries, companies are starting to experiment with hybrid work arrangements.

The hybrid workplace, meaning employees working at the office for some days and other days at home, may also entail having certain workers be at the office full-time while others work completely remotely. Since it appears most employees prefer to retain the remote arrangement based on Microsoft's Work Trend Index report, the hybrid model is the next best compromise to ease the load for those who don’t.

However, the concept of the hybrid model will vary across companies, so you may be confused about what's to come. So, here we list down 5 things you can expect from the new hybrid workplace:

Some will thrive and some will need more time

While hybrid work arrangements are a compromise in a sense, not everyone can adjust as easily as others. According to Microsoft's survey, 37% have claimed that their company is asking too much of them. Look out for those who may be having a hard time such as new graduates experiencing the working world for the first time, or mothers who have to negotiate a new schedule with their families. A good solution? Allow employees to choose which days they need to come in.

Everyone is still adjusting

Even though many have become accustomed to remote work in some form, it doesn't mean that going back to the office is equivalent to going back to normal. Though engagement has been seen to increase in hybrid work, empathy and kindness still goes a long way in helping workers adjust faster. As much as they may not show it, everyone is fighting their own battles, so remember to ask first when you notice that something's wrong. It may just be a colleague's silent plea for support.

Forging connections requires innovation

Hybrid work means having a fractured workforce. Teams that work remotely may do well, but they can feel detached from the rest of their colleagues in the office. Because of this, it's equally important to encourage socializing in a non-work context. It can boost the productivity of employees and promote empathy. Schedule some team hangouts where employees who work in the office and remotely can freely join and just talk or play games with each other.

Employees work better having more room for "real life"

Working remotely, it's unavoidable to completely separate our home life while working from home. Trying too hard to prevent this in the name of professionalism simply adds extra stress for remote workers. This is why allowing workers to be comfortable in their home offices and seeing their children and pets can actually improve productivity. In addition, Microsoft's study actually found that 30% of respondents feel that they can be their authentic selves at work.

The talent pool expands greatly

With hybrid work options, the potential talent pool also expands. Certain groups purposely look for jobs that provide such an option. Companies can also hire workers who may find it hard to attend the office everyday but can do so when it's only a few days each week. Another benefit of this is making working more possible for women who may want to dedicate certain days to their home and family.

Hybrid working is the future, so it's best to be prepared and stay informed about this new stage of our careers. It's a learning experience for employees and employers alike; so stay positive and you'll find your footing in no time.

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