Our Initiatives

Flexible Working Arrangements

Flexibility improves morale, increases productivity and company performance.

Equal Pay Initiatives 

Equal pay for equal work. That’s just common sense!

Leadership Development Programs 

Advance your career with an employer that supports female leadership.

Mentorship Program

Women with mentors feel more supported and satisfied with their career.

Coaching Program

Continuous learning is critical to keep up with the evolving changes in every jobs.

Return to Work Policy 

If you’re ready to restart your career, you need support and training for the transition.

Paid Parental Leave 

Parents are happier and more engaged at work when they have paid parental leave.

Internal Women's Networking Groups

Having a network of women to reach out to, discuss and champion women initiatives at work.

Breastfeeding Rooms 

Providing mothers the privacy and comfort they need when returning from maternity leave.

Childcare Facilities 

It takes a village to raise a child. What’s better than facilities right at your workplace?

Raise Numbers of Women in Leadership

We need more women representation in leadership because it leads to more inclusive policies and initiatives.

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