Senior Engineering Manager

Location: Shanghai
Job type: Permanent
Salary: 100000 USD$ annually
Contact: Michelle Liu
Email: email Michelle
Reference: WD30131720313


  1. Lead a team of 10 members to develop automation products such as controllers, actuators, thermostats, and sensors of Building area.
  2. Local team recruitment, training, goal setting, performance appraisal.
  3. Cooperate with other R&D team to develop and provide technical support. Participate in the formulation of product requirements and promote the product development process. Provide necessary technical support for the manufacturing department and cooperating suppliers. Cooperate with the quality department to provide support for after-sales service.
  4. Familiar with analog circuit and digital circuit design and debugging. Rich experience in mainstream MCU platforms (Renesas, STM, MicroChip, TI), familiar with industrial communication interfaces and protocols (RS485, Modbus, BACNet, Ethernet). Have a certain understanding of mainstream wireless technologies (WiFi, BT and ZigBee).
  5. Familiar with the production process of electronic products, understand PCBA, and have practical experience in ICT and FCT. Have a deep understanding and practical experience in the supply and verification of important electronic devices. Have practical experience in managing foundries and delivery records.
  6. Handle communication and cooperation with relevant departments, coordinate with each department in time, and solve technical problems encountered in production, use, application



  1. Education: Automation, electronic engineering, and related majors or above.
  2. Work experience: more than 15 years of experience in hardware development, more than 10 years of experience in technology development and management
  3. Ability and skills: technical management ability and actual team management experience
  4. Others: strong English language skills, especially spoken English