Why half the sky?

As companies in Asia compete for talent globally, a top priority for many companies is building inclusive and diverse workforces. Striving for gender equality especially makes business sense. When companies and leaders advance gender equality in the workplace, the benefits extend beyond women into the economy. The case for having a gender diverse workforce is clear. 

Makes Business Sense 

In a McKinsey study, advancing women equality could add an additional $4.5 trillion of annual GDP in APAC by 2025, a 12% increase over the business-as-usual trajectory.

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Improves Key Performance Metrics 

Prominent global studies found that management teams with a male-female ratio between 40-60% scored higher on 5 Key Performance Indicators (Operating Margins, Employee Retention, Client Retention, Employee Engagement, Safety)

Benefits Both Women And Men 

In a report by Accenture, companies that embed gender diversity policies and environments in their organizations found women are 35% more likely to advance to manager level and beyond and almost 4X more likely to advance to a senior manager or director level and beyond. And men’s odds of progress increase too - they are 23% more likely to advance to manager level and beyond, and more than twice (118%) as likely to advance to a senior manager or director level and beyond.

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Our talent platform makes it easier for employers to develop diverse talent pools with 4 easy steps: 

1. Attract and Retain Female Talents

Build a gender balanced workforce and leadership team by engaging with the HTS community. Promote company initiatives and provide mentorship on our platform.

2. Employer Branding

Create a dedicated company page to share your organization’s values and initiatives on diversity in the workplace.

3. List Job Openings

Job seekers can easily access these listings through search filters. Featured jobs will be prominently shown on HTS platform and also shared on social media platforms.

4. Connect & Engage

Connect online and engage offline. Post company articles on our platform, share events and initiatives at your workplace and host webinars.

How it Works

Step 1 - Join our community

- Apply to register as an Employer. Join our community.

- Have access to our pool of women Talent.

- Post jobs and receive quality applicants.

- Shape the future of women at work.

- Fast and easy application process.

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Step 2 - Post a job

- Your job will automatically appear in front of over thousands of talented women across Asia.

- Talents will apply for your jobs and the applicants will appear in your Employer dashboard.

- You’re all set. It’s that easy!

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Step 3 - Shortlist Your Candidates

- Our platform tools easily allow you to save and sort candidates based on skills and experience levels.

- Advanced search features allow you to scan through CVs to find the perfect talent for your needs.

- Download the CV and start shortlisting suitable candidates.

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