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Creating a diverse and inclusive organization is core to our values (Respect, Professionalism, Perseverance and Integrity) at Ericsson, that's why we nurture it in everything we do. It's important that we do this for our people, our customers and for society. We truly believe by collaborating with people from different experiences we drive innovation, which is essential for our future growth. 

At Ericsson, we believe that diverse, inclusive teams drive performance and innovation, creating greater business value. At every level, from our teams and leaders to our communications and programs. We strive to reach and support all communities, within and outside of the business, creating a space that encourages a diversity of perspectives. 

Ericsson Diversity, Equity and Inclusion  

Creating a diverse and inclusive organization is core to our values at Ericsson, that's why we nurture it in everything we do. It's important that we do this for our people, our customers and for society. We truly believe by collaborating with people from different experiences we drive innovation, which is essential for our future growth. 

Since we believe that, then….. 

  • We consider and create Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in everything we do, building teams that reflect our approach. 
  • We feature a variety of role models and communicate in various channels, ensuring our brand reaches diverse communities. 
  • We encourage programs that include a wide variety of people, like mentoring circles and advisory boards. 
  • We create space for people to bring their unique perspective and we have processes and ways of working that are transparent and fair. 

At Ericsson, we define diversity as the range of human differences including cognitive perspectives, education, work experiences, personal life experiences in addition to individual background, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, neurodiversity and more.  

We strive to make active and positive change in all these areas and have identified three specific areas that we are able to measure in order to track progress: 

  • Gender - as a key player in the ICT/tech industry, increasing women’s representation across technical, commercial and delivery roles is a key area of focus. 
  • Nationality - we understand that representation matters. As a worldwide provider, we therefore want to be sure that we are representative of the employees we are hiring. 
  • Generations - the digital divide is widening, and it is important that we all have access to the solutions and products that our company provides, we want to represent everyone.  

At Ericsson, inclusion means our ability to benefit from the many different perspectives and skills held by our colleagues. Achieving this means creating a culture and ways of working that enable everyone to participate and contribute free from bias. 

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  • testimonial-image

    “These uncertain times have not only accelerated digitalization but have also amplified the difference between office cultures – enabling us to distinguish between a good place to work and a great place to work. A great place to work trusts, communicates with, empowers, and cares for their employees.  At Ericsson, we trust each other to be doing the best we can, and this is reflected in the flexible work timings to accommodate our lives working from home. We are always encouraged to upgrade ourselves and explore ways for improvement. With this, recognition is given when due, motivating us to do better.” 

    Belina Yeo

    Sourcing Analyst, Singapore
  • testimonial-image

    “Diversity and inclusion are, in many industries, preached more than it is practiced. However, at Ericsson, it has become a culture well embraced. Here, opportunities are plenty for those who choose to see and seize them; growth is not hampered by a person’s backgrounds, looks, gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, race, religion, or orientation. With such beliefs, anything is possible, and it is obvious why we’re thankful for one Ericsson.” 

    Rashidah Mohd Said

    Delivery Specialist, Singapore
  • testimonial-image

    “I have the opportunity to work with people from different cultural backgrounds and get work experiences throughout different rollout projects. Not a day goes by when I feel left out or unheard.   Individually, I feel respected, included, and most importantly my voice continues to be heard. Collectively, our hard work and achievements in projects are always acknowledged and recognized.  We are also always given the same opportunity to learn and grow.   I evolved with Ericsson from the GSM to 5G era. And by experiencing such a great working environment throughout that evolution, I am proud to call myself part of the #TeamEricsson family.” 

    Nadia Muhammad Nor

    Network Engineer, Malaysia
  • testimonial-image

    “Whenever someone asks me where I work, I am truly proud to say that I work at Ericsson. The company has an important purpose and plays a vital role in our society. This is one of the reasons why I feel that my work matters. Ericsson's core values of perseverance, respect, professionalism, and integrity resonate with me. I observe the same towards my colleagues and customers.  Being empowered to speak my mind and offer recommendations or solutions is one thing I developed more in Ericsson. The support given to your growth is evident here and will always be a priority. This is why I am more inspired to give my best at all times.” 

    Rosanna Joy Lim

    Project Planner, Philippines

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